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Virtual MTB Series

The Virtual MTB Series is a series of challenges/events where you take part by simply emailing your Strava file after completion of a particular route. Participation will be free of charge, although proof of a valid trail permit (annual/holiday or day) will be required. You can take part in any one of the challenges during the series, or all. Those who take part regularly will also receive a series ranking, which will make things all the more interesting. Participation will take place in your own time, on a solo ride or in a small group with friends, and there will no gathering of people in one place – all supportive of the current Covid-19 regulations.
Dusty Feet will set out a particular route for you to ride for each challenge. The route will be made a Strava Segment, and after the completion of your ride, we will be be able to get the time for your segment. Each challenge will be a circular route, which means the start and finish will be clearly visible to the participants and will be available for 10 days (2 weekends and a week).
A draw will also take place for the best social media post, using the relative hashtags and mentions for any pictures or video.
A route will be available to do for 10 days (2 weekends and a week). All you need to do:

  • Register here

  • Make sure you have a valid trail permit

  • Complete a route and record with Strava

  • Share your Strava completion to

  • If you share your ride on social media, we’ll ask you to use a few tags and mentions in order to thank the sponsors



  • Entry is free

  • A specific route will be identified for an event

  • Sorry - no E-BIKES (yet)

  • Routes will be announced on the DUSTY FEET Facebook and Instagram pages (@DustyFeetSA)

  • Once announced, the routes will be available for competition for a set period of time - 14 days

  • New routes will be announced regularly, initially once a month

  • Riders use Strava, to record their completion of the route, then email the file to us, along with their permit number

  • All riders are required to have an annual or valid day permit on the day of participation

  • Post the route on social media, using the assigned hashtags and sponsor tags, then share the file via email to 

  • You are allowed to do the route multiple times, but don't send all your results

    • Send your first one, then only if you have shown an improvement, send another​

  • New routes regularly identified, varying distances and difficulty

  • Age groups for both Male and Female:

    • Juniors (<18 yrs)

    • Seniors (18 - 39)

    • Veterans (40 - 49)

    • Masters (50 +)

  • Competition dependent we might also ​split the competitors into categories such as:

    • Weekend Warriors​

    • Casual Racers

    • Ek Jaag

  • Riders who compete in the same area (e.g. Hermanus Trails) will also get an overall ranking as part of a series

  • Winners will be announced a few days after each event has ended

  • Announcements will be made on the DUSTY FEET social media pages

  • We hope to attract some sponsors for prizes​ at a later stage


What is a Virtual Challenge Series?
It will be a series of MTB “Events”, where you can take part on your own or with some friends.  The event is “virtual challenge” as you have to record your activity on Strava, then send us your Strava File upon completion.  You can do as many events as you like, but a ranking system will show the performance of regular riders with "series points".

Which routes will we use?
Routes will change with every challenge and will be marked with unique directional route markers. We will try and use a mix of routes in the area in order to keep it interesting.

What kind of distance will we be doing?
Distances and difficulty will vary. The Elite riders will be able to do the shorter routes with ease, but at pace, while the longer distances and more technical routes will challenge the novice riders to improve. Part of the aim is also for those novices to try something else than the Blue Route at times.

How long will I have time to complete a route?
An challenge will be active for a set amount  of time (e.g. 10 days) and will always include 2 weekends.  Riders can complete the route/event as many times as they wish – just enter your best one with us by sharing that ride via email. 

Who can take part?
Anyone can register and take part, provided they have a valid trail permit (day, annual or holiday).

How do we take part?
Simply register on our website (above), then email us your Strava file when you’ve completed the route. Routes will be set up as a segment on Strava and organisers will be able to see your performance.

How will the series ranking and point system work? (For the serious competitors)
We have developed our own points system based on the individual times as apposed to your event ranking. The winning time for an event will set the benchmark for the event and will earn 50 points. The rest of the field will score a point based on how big the gap is between their own and the winning time. If, for example, the runner up lost with only a minute or less, he could earn up to 49.5 points in the series. Even if 10th place is within 5 minutes, they will still score up to 45 points in the series.
The series ranking will be calculated at the end of a series, by calculating the total amount of points, minus your worst score.  The weakest result would be left out of the total equation in order for riders to be able to miss an event without being punished.

**Indemnity and Liability Waiver

I hereby acknowledge that I fully understand and accept that such an activity shall be undertaken at my own risk and indemnify, hold harmless and absolve DUSTY FEET, Kobus Stofberg, Hermanus Adventures, The Hemel and Aarde Trails, the owners of the land on which trails pass and all their associated companies and organizations and their employees and representatives acting in such capacity, against and from any claims whatsoever which may arise in connection with any loss and/or damage to the person and/or property of the applicant and the course of such activities. I also agree that participation in this sport is by nature a dangerous activity, and I am taking part in this sport/series/event entirely at my own risk.  I also understand that the organisers might share some of my contact details with sponsors for promotional purposes.

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