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DUSTY FEET loves the water, and sharing the a small part of what goes on beneath the waters of Hermanus is one our favourites!
We offer snorkelling trips to people aged 9 – 100! Part of our snorkelling experience also takes the client on a short inter-tidal zone exploration, where we look at what survives in this area of our coast, what we can eat (if we really wanted to) and what the fish might be able to eat and hunt.
Our favourite site to snorkel is the a tidal pool close to town. This marine tidal pool offers an amazingly diverse selection of creatures, and the colours will amaze you! Guided by DUSTY FEET, you will be able to touch some of these creatures and see them up close and personal.
For the more experienced snorkelers we can also explore some other sites. Why not mix a snorkelling trip with a short trip on the SUP. We paddle from the Hermanus Harbour to an area close by where you get to experience the kelp forest of the cape.
DUSTY FEET has also travelled as far as Cape Town in order to run group sessions at the very popular Oudekraal Resort.
Get hold of us today if you are interested! Don’t let it wait until your last day as these activities are very tide and weather dependant.

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