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Surfing is one of those sports that everyone wishes they could do, and everyone should at least try!

Surfing and Wave Warriors

Kobus has been surfing since the age of 12. He has a love for the ocean, it’s power and everything it offers. Whether it is swimming in the waves, diving in the kelp, surfing, body boarding….he loves it all!

DUSTY FEET offers individual and small group Surfing Lessons in Hermanus. We like to use one of the main beaches, Voëlklip Beach, for our lessons, but sometimes circumstance might also take us to Grotto Beach. A short warm-up and introduction on the sand, and off we go into the waves, with the instructor assisting as much as possible in the beginning, while also challenging the surfer to keep improving.  In the event of bigger groups, we partner up with the very experienced Bartleman Surf School for expert assistance. If we find children are not comfortable with the surfboards, we might recommend a body board, but even then we’ll teach them how to do it correctly from the start. While bad technique on a body board is not the biggest mistake in the foam waves, surfers who wish to progress will need to do it properly in order to get on the face of the waves – best we get it right from the start!

Through our Wave Warriors program we offer people the opportunity to use surf boards, body boards and if they want, a hand plane for body surfing. The main objective of this is not to teach kids how to surf, but to make them more water wise when it comes to the ocean, the waves and our beaches. It is important for children to be comfortable in the waves, but at the same time they should know how to recognise danger and how to respond if they get find themselves in a situation. Wave Warriors will get your kids comfortable and aware, offering you a little more peace of mind on the beach when the kids are in the water.

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