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Virtual Trail Challenges

16 - 30 December, 2020

Virtual Racing, on trail, on route, outside, in your own time.



No event hassles for registration, parking, early mornings etc.

Complete any of our Virtual Challenges as many times as you want between
16 - 30 December.


Virtual Challenges with a difference - following specific routes.

Entries done via STRAVA, or photo submission of you with some DUSTY FEET signage.

MTB routes all in Hemel & Aarde Valley

TRAIL RUNNING routes in Fernkloof Nature Reserve

Check the route briefing - follow the sings!


RIDE / RUN - Complete our route by following the signage

RECORD - Use Strava to record your activity

SHARE - Share your completed activity with us via email (


  1. Register on QUICKET

  2. Follow @DustyFeetSA on Facebook and Instagram.

  3. Look at the more detailed route previews and briefings available.

  4. Make sure you have a valid TRAIL PERMIT if you are doing the MTB Challenges (obtainable from The Wine Village or Village Cycles).

  5. Finish a challenge route within the 14 day window.

  6. Submit your activity from Strava by sharing it via email -

  7. You can complete a challenge multiple times - every submission of an activity is another entry into the lucky draw for a prize.

(Daily/Annual/Holiday Permits required to use the trails)

1. The Warrior Challenge (For the serious to the weekend warriors)

  • Hemel & Aarde Valley

  • Approximately 25km

  • 450m Gain

  • A mix of the Hermanus Black and Red Routes

  • Route will be announced closer to the challenge


2. The Junior Challenge (For a family ride, or those Junior racers)

  • Hemel & Aarde Valley

  • Approximately 12km

  • 180m Gain

  • For all MTB ages (Sub-Nippers to Juniors and adults)

  • Hermanus Blue Route

  • Exact route to be announced closer to the challenge




1. 'Round the dams (Bit more of a serious trail run)

  • Fernkloof Nature Reserve

  • Approximately 15km

  • 400m Gain

  • Nice trail run for more serious runners

  • Good hike for avid walkers (3hrs)

  • Mix of jeep and single track


Registration and entry available on Quicket

Entry from R30

Entries exclude Trail Permits for the Hemel & Aarde Valley


  • All activities must be recorded using the Strava app

  • Strava accounts must be set to "public" and not "private"

  • In the event of a family riding together, it is up to the entrant to notify Dusty Feet of multiple participants if they do not have access to their own Strava record (i.e. A father accompanying 2 nippers on a ride/run)

  • Every activity you submit will give you an entry into the lucky draw

  • Submissions for entries will end on Wed. 30 December 2020

  • There will be 2 lucky draw opportunities - Wed 23 (during) and Thu 31(after) 

  • Lucky Draw prizes will be collected/delivered within the Hermanus area

  • Decisions for prizes will be final and not up for debate r exchange for money

  • Please remember to purchase your daily MTB Permit if using the Hermanus MTB Trails - Permits available at Village Cycles or The Wine Village)

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MTB - Warrior Challenge - 25km

  • Start and Finish at the Village Square.

  • Please remember to get your trail permits before starting,

  • Follow the start of the trails as per usual

  • After the second rope bridge, turn LEFT to follow the RED/BLACK climb

  • After joining the jeep track, you turn RIGHT to follow the RED route 

  • Deviation off the RED to follow a short BLACK section some call "Rollercoaster"

  • Sharp LEFT after Rollercoaster onto the Blue Route for a short climb

  • Follow BLUE/RED/BLACK around Camphill to Volmoed. 

  • LEFT onto RED/BLACK at Volmoed to make your way into the gorge

  • A slight push might be required to get up the gorge boardwalk - please be careful

  • Climb out of the gorge with the concrete strips and jeep track

  • Follow the BLACK route across the De Bos Dam wall

  • Shortly after the dam wall, follow BLACK onto a tarred road

  • Stay on the tar road - you will pass through (or around) a farm gate - keep going

  • At the end of the tar road, stay on BLACK to turn right twice, following the orchards on farm roads

  • After a steep descent and river crossing at "Caracal Bridge", turn RIGHT to follow BLAC/RED all the way to the Sumaridge Cellar

  • There is water available at the cellar if you need it - check for signage

  • Follow RED/BLACK past the cellar and up to the top dam

  • Turn RIGHT here, staying on RED route INSIDE THE FENCE of Sumaridge

  • You will be taken down next to a vineyard, then onto a LEFT turn to cross the road - please be carefull

  • Once across, follow the trail on the farmland and not the tar road for a fast descent on the RED route

  • After crossing a terribly bumpy bridge, you will turn RIGHT to return to the BLUE route, crossing underneath the road and joining BLUE on the corner of Die Plaaskombuis/Vrede Farm

  • Follow the traditional BLUE/RED/BLACK return all the way back to The Village Square. 


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MTB - Junior/Family Challenge 12km

  • Start and Finish at the Village Square.

  • Please remember to get your trail permits before starting,

  • Follow the start of the trails as per usual

  • Keep straight after the second rope bridge to follow the BLUE route at the split

  • Cross the parking area where the quad bikes and Parkrun use to take place

  • Slight climb on the jeep track - keep straight until signage tells you to cross the road to your RIGHT

  • Keep on BLUE/RED/BLACK marked route around Camphill

  • After a small bridge in the veld, you will see a split - follow the BLUE route to go STRAIGHT

  • Cross the long bridge and follow BLUE around to Die Plaaskombuis

  • Die Plaaskombuis is a nice stop for something cold if you are cycling with the family

  • Continue with the BLUE/RED/BLACK routes to return 

  • RIGHT turn after Rock 'n Roll Bridge to follow BLUE route (Please note, if you are in trouble, or one of the parties are not feeling great, turning left here will save you a bit of time and cut out a climb)

  • Follow the markers all the way back down to Village Sqaure


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Trail Run/Hike - Fernkloof

  • Park and start at the bottom parking, in the Fernkloof Gardens  (if you park at the top near the visitors centre, you will have to come down the tar road a little in order to start)

  • Follow the paved trail up toward "Visitors Centre" and follow the signage to the Klipspringer Trail

  • Be sure to join the Klipspringer Trail at the lower point, along the tar road

  • This trail will take you behind the Fernkloof Nursery in the direction of town - this is correct - you will be taken up to the FIsherman's Kloof

  • Summit Kanonkop, then carry on until you meet a jeep track

  • Turn RIGHT into the jeep track - you will now stay on jeep track for just over 6km, as it take you around the Mosselriver kloof to Mosselberg, which overlooks Voëlklip

  • Once you've reached Mosselberg, you will be taken down the "Zig Zag Trail"

  • At the bottom of the Zig Zag trail, turn RIGHT to follow the pipetrack back towards "3 Dams"

  • Once you've reached the dams, you'll go down another zig zag trail to join and head back to "Lemoenkop" and the "Visitors Centre"

  • After a slight climb, keep LEFT at the bench to go around the front side of Lemoenkop and back towards the "Visitors Centre"

  • Once across the bridge, turn left before the parking area to follow the trail back down toward the gardens

  • SIDE NOTE: The chances of some disgruntled locals removing my signs in the garden area is good, so do you best to follow the directions

  • Follow the little red Dusty Feet arrows to stay on course

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